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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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now, abc7, live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of italy. daylight reveals the devastating damage ever a a strong earthquake. right now there are collapsed buildings and multiple deaths. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. at least six deaths blamed on a powerful earthquake in italy including a family of four. that's according to reports on italian state run media. it caused extensive damage in one town. it was so strong it woke up people in rome a hundred miles away. >> ama: the town is cutoff because of the roads and bridge. half of the town is gone, the mayor said. the earthquake happened wednesday morning is a many slept. >> dan: it has been followed by strong aftershocks, the
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strongest measuring 5.5. a 6.3 quake hit the same region before. they believe the death toll could climb following tonight's big quake. >> ama: we told you about the story with a push alert from the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable the alerts to hear breaking news as it happens. >> dan: now to sky 7 showing the wreckage left in the financial district after a taxi plowed into the pedestrians. among the victims, a shoe shine operator. >> ama: it happened not far from the montgomery bart station. that's where we find abc7 news reporter leslie with our live story. >> reporter: ama, police have been investigating all night. they almost from the scene cleared out. the 59-year-old cabdriver was a 40-year-old homeless man who worked at a shoe shine stand here at the
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corner who is still in critical condition, and 66-year-old celine bay who ran the shoe shine stand is in fair condition. witnesses say 66-year-old salem bay has shined shoes in san francisco since 1999. at 3:17 this afternoon at his stand by the montgomery bart station elevator he and his assistant were struck by a yellow cab that barreled on to the sidewalk from market street. this woman is a good friend who was in her jewelry stand just four feet away. >> i just heard it crash. i saw him flying in the air like something in a movie. it was like something unbelievable. >> reporter: she called 9-1-1 as stopped to help. the cabdriver stumbled out to help. they are investigating the cause of the accident including the possibility that the cabdriver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. the witnesses say the cab was speeding down market street. >> he was going secretary
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miles an hour sometimes more to get to the next destination. >> commuters stopped to take pictures of the coroner where they destroyed the kiosk and the shoe shine van where they were giving the homeless man a job, the man that is now in critical condition. >> you got your shoe shined and you are always smiling and making an effort. >> everyone who is used to seeing him here are praying for their recovery. in san francisco, leslie leslie brinkley abc7 news. >> dan: now developing news we are following in the north bay. a community is mourning two youngsters on their way to school this morning, but they never made it. four-year-old hayley and 6-year-old caitlin marcus were with their mother and jenner when they went into the road and into the river. the mother made it out safely, but the girls did not. >> reporter: brooke edwards leaves flowers for two girls
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from jenner who died on their way to school. sisters 4-year-old hayley and 6-year-old caitlin marcus were in the backseat of their mom's truck. the car slid on wet pavement and went into the russian river. >> this is a gut wrenching tragedy to lose two little girls like that in the town of jenner. we are a close knit community here. >> reporter: the girl's mother broke a window and tried to save her daughters. but the car quickly sank. dive teams recovered the bodies. >> the road is windy and then it drops off. down below are the russian river people who drive this stretch of highway say it is dangerous and they would like to see a guardrail put up. >> a guardrail would be a great help to hopefully stop any cars from going over the edge. you can see how steep it is. cars go straight into the water. >> it is a heavy mist. it is schlepp re. slippery. >> it was foggy at the time.
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they went to school in monty rio and the principal said there will be counselors and therapy dogs on campus. abc7 news. >> dan: new at 11:00, san jose police arrested one of their own during a gang crackdown. they report officer derrick antonio was -- has served with the department for nearly a decade. he is accused of sharing sensitive information with gang members and faces six felonies. it is part of a city wide sweep called "operation gang of thrones" that lead to arrests for extortion, drugs and illegal gambling. >> ama: san francisco police say they are keeping a closer eye on twin peaks after tourists were robbed enjoying the views. no arrests after last night's robbery. it is the latest robbery on twin peaks. in january they pepper sprayed a tourist and then in september an 81-year-old man was beat and robbed. >> ama: you are looking at the
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damage done by a man swinging a golf club at the bart station. a bart employee shared these pictures. they arrested the man they believe smashed windows along a stairwell. this afternoon's chaos disrupted service for about 30 minutes. >> dan: tonight they packed a piedmont home for $33 each. all of the help -- all of it helped elect hillary clinton. their patience paid off. here is a photo tweeted about 90 minutes ago from abc news. you can see clinton shaking hands with supporters. tomorrow the presidential nominee has fundraisers in palo alto including the home of apple ceo, tim cook. clinton has raised $46 million in california compared to 1.5 for donald trump. in texas today he called clinton a bigot saying she only sees communities of color
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as votes. trump also told a crowd in austin that border security is the most vital issue. >> ama: california is one step closer to ending a tax on feminine hygiene products. it won support from both sides of the aisle. if the governor signs the bill it will add tampons and sanitary items that are not toked. >> dan: abc7 news viewers were moved by a story of two sisterss and they decided to help out the twins who are homeless and sharing a van. >> ama: they raised about $4,000 to help them find a new home. sergio has a new story. >> reporter: at 82 years old sandra and tonya have spent a lifetime caring for others. >> our job when we came into this universe was to help other people. >> reporter: tonya says she has been around the world as the personal nurse for hollywood stars like agnes and
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myrna lloyd. >> when i was a nutrition doctor i bought a store on lafayette. >> reporter: and they have written a couple books. they spent most of their adult lives apart, but sandra decided to care for her twin after sandra had a brain injury. >> it is like half is back. >> reporter: they are happy to be together again, but their living space is cramped and they share a white conversion van. >> this is home. this is it. >> reporter: each night tonya gets the front seat. >> when you are on tour for so many years you can sleep anywhere. >> reporter: and sandra tries to stretch out in the back. their friend, sue, watched them live like this and decided to do something. >> i can help them. i started the go fund me about three weeks ago. >> reporter: she is a real estate broker and will cosine a lease for the rental and the go fund me will pay for deposits and moving costs. the modest retirement will be
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enough for rent. >> it will be nice to have a bed again. >> reporter: it has been a long road for these two. hopefully it will get easier. in sonoma county, abc7 news. >> ama: next, the judge who sentenced a swimmer to six months in jail for sexual >> dan: and it is the first night of free dom for a man who spent time in prison for a crime he didn't commit. the evidence leading to his release. >> ama: and the danger in the water that had this seal jumping to safety. >> sandhya: i am meteorologist sandhya patel. a warm up is in the works for your wednesday. a look at the temperatures and the trend for the rest of the week coming up. >> dan: thank you. here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after the into us at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. please give this your undivided attention. >> i go to chuck e cheese. >> really? >> you should see me at chuck e cheese.
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>> dan: tonight we have new details on the santa clara county judge who faced widespread backlash after sentencing a former stanford swimmer for six months in jail for sexual assault. the judge has now recused himself from another sex crime case. abc7 news reporter lisa amin
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gulezian is live with the story. lisa? >> reporter: dan, judge aaron persky filed this motion recusing himself from a case he heard last year. in it a defendant who pled guilty to possession of chi porn got just four days in jail and persky was supposed to revisit the case this thursday. judge aaron persky filed this motion recusing himself because of doubts from his impartiality. he set off a firestorm earlier this year when he sentenced brock turner, a former stanford swimmer, to six months in jail after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. we reasonably questioned his impartiality. >> she accuses him of favoring white men. in this case robert chang got four days for possession of child porn. >> no other judge was lenient
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and gave less than six months and no other judge invited him back for a misdemeanor. >> he was supposed to go before persy on thursday to try to get his felony bumped down to a misdemeanor. now another judge will hear the case. the public defender defends persky's decision. >> it is refreshing to see him look at mr. chang as opposed to issuing the standard expectation . >> opponents have to take the recall effort to voters in 2017. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> modern technology helped free an innocent man convicted of murder and rape 25 years ago. they tweeted this photo of anthony wright and his attorney. the dna evidence cleared wright in the death of a woman. a retrial showed them that it wasn't his. they identified the real killer who is now dead.
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>> dan: let's move to something else. in case you haven't noticed this week we are on a brand-new set at abc7 news. >> ama: let's give uh look ahead. in the weeks ahead we can bring you the news in new ways while providing courage. >> this brand-new set has been months in the making. a lot of people work hard. look at how it all came together.
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>> dan: that video is interesting. >> ama: our colleagues did a great job. >> dan: we didn't even speed it up. they worked really hard. we hope you enjoy it as well. it is another way to augment and accent how we bring the news to you. >> ama: the news and the weather. we have everything we can actually need here in the weather center. i am getting a lot of comments on social media and people are loving the new set. we will bring you the same forecast just in a different area. let me show you what it looks like on live doppler 7hd and we will talk about what is ahead and really we have a brief warm upcoming. it is not going to last long. right now we have fog pushing into santa rosa as you notice into the east bay. you are socked in. now look at the ocean temperatures. it is really mild. look at the upper 50s to the low 60s. they are 60 degrees and that's why it is feeling so mild
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outside. if you stepped out, here is what we are looking at from the kgo roof camera. it is 58 in san francisco and oakland and mountain view and san jose, you are in the low 60s still. half moon bay 70 degrees. this is a preview of the morning commute. as you look at the marine layer 57 in santa rosa and napa you are at 58. low 60s concord and livermore and from our sfo camera this is how shallow the marine layer is. that's why concord and livermore, you are clear. we will call it foggy areas with spotty drizzle. a cooler pattern is setting up for the end of the week. i do want to show you a time lapse. you may notice it seemed a bit hazy. we are seeing the layers of smoke from the fires burning around the state. and that haze and the smoke will continue as we head into tomorrow. air quality will be impacted for the north bay and the coast and the central bay. it is good because of the breeze.
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moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area for your wednesday and on thursday, notice all areas are looking at moderate air quality as the south wind brings up smoke from this fire in monterey county. the temperatures when you get going if your little ones are starting school, not to worry. it is not going to be chilly. it will start out mild. midto upper 50s for most areas. the hour by hour forecast shows it to you is spotty drizzle. 5:00 a.m. you will have pockets of low visibility. during the 6:00 a.m. hour not only some drizzle, but some fog. 7:00 it is still there, but it is not widespread. by 11:00 a.m. it is pulled away to the beaches. inland areas you will see the sun. for the afternoon and even parts of the coast will see sun. the temperatures will respond, rising by a few degrees for your wednesday. 82 san jose and 85 degrees in gilroy and 70 in santa cruz and 76 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula redwood city, palo alto. 62 pacifica and a mild day on
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the coast. daly city 62 and downtown san francisco is 66 degrees. you will need the sunscreen. mid70s from san rafael to vallejo. 78 in napa and 71 in oaknd la. 76 fremont and inland areas are hazy and warmer. 87 in concord. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast you will notice that tomorrow will be the lowest day. low 90s in land and low 60s coast. the temperatures do start to come done on thursday. we do gown to the mid80s -- we go down to the mid80s. it will be quite mild inland in the mid80s. low 60s coast side and we will keep you close to that early next week. it is a nice change of pace to get a break from the hot weather. ama and dan? >> thank you, sandhya.
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>> dan: a quick-thinking seal hitched a ride with whale
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watchers to escape a pod of orcas. you can see them shuffling on to the boat. you don't see the seal being played with and tossed around by the whale before it found refuge on deck. then the orcas swam off and the seal went on its merry way. a you uh smart seal. >> dan: very smart. well, larry beil is off and shu is here tonight. >> one of the best rivalries in baseball, dodgers and giants. bumgarner looked like a minor league pitcher in l.a. after three homeruns against the reds he ripped off three more r.b.i.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the giants have madison bumgarner on the hill they feel they should get the win unless they are facing the dodgers. they messed up mad bum to take the lead in the west with a victory. no clowning around when you are facing the dodgers. 1-0 the men in blue. in the second it is a solo homerun to give the dodgers an early 2-0 lead. giants would answer though.
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pagan cuts the lead in half, r.b.i single and it scores joe panic. and then moments later, buster posey drives home and this game is tied at two. always great match ups. 3-2 dodgers in the fifth. brandon belt evens the score again and shoots a double to right field. we have a 3-3 ballgame. a critical match up in the game. adrian gonzalez with the bases loaded and gonzalez wins the battle. he hits the single just over the outstretched glove of crawford. the dodgers win it 9-5 your final and they now have a two-game lead in the national league west. the coliseum looked like yes, sir as sick park. chris davis and a three-run homer, the 33rd of the season. he also scored three times. 4-0a's in the third. the a's take a dye know-sized
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lead. he is dealing and strikes out lindore. he lines the ball to center. he goes tara dabbing till and they win it 9-1 at jurassic park. i love this story. we showed you how the raiders tightened surprised ally by asking her out on a date via yahoo! video chat. he probably thought nothing of it until she had this reaction. >> he is very cute. yeah, i will go on a date with him. >> today it went viral and he was surprised that he was the center of attention at raiders practice. now he has to follow-up on his offer and deal with his new found fame. >> it is exciting. now i am going to have to figure out a time in the schedule in the season coming up. she is scheduled to be out here in september and i am looking forward to attending the show. >> that's a lonely feeling be


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